Designer Saree Blouse Designs Latest Fashion Trends

Designer Saree Blouse Designs Latest Fashion Trends

We are already into the festive season preparation for festive season are on full swing. Traditional outfits are more in demand. In Indian traditional dresses Saree is the most preferred choice of Indian Women. So the most trendy wear right now Saree Blouse. And that the mooth point of our article i.e. Designer Blouse Designs Blouse Neck Designs because whenever you wear a saree you need a unique best design designer blouse or Choli. While choosing Best Saree according to your body type selecting best blouse cutting and blouse neck pattern is equally important for Designer Saree Blouse Designs .

Saree Description

Saree is a long piece of cloth. Previously sarees were of nine yards but as the time passed the length of the saree reduced from nine yards to six yards. It is considered to be as one of the oldest form of cloth on this planet earth. This piece of cloth is the only one left out which is un-stitched garment.

Traditional Sarees

It is a traditional garment which is worn by the Indian women’s. But as the time is passing people are running towards modern dresses like jeans, t- shirts, suits, salwar etc. Which is letting the new generation forget our norms,  culture and traditions? In todays world only 30% of Women of India wear sarees. The new born babies sees their mothers wearing modern and western clothes and thinks and accepts them as their norms. Which is slowly and slowly diminishing the culture of wearing saree.

Saree is considered to be as one of the most ethnic outfit which elegantly covers the Women whole body just by showing few curves. Indian women wearing saree seems to be dressed in the most well mannered way. An Indian women looks complete when drapped in a saree with few ornaments on her body like heavy jhumkas in her ears, necklace on her neck, kangan in her wrist, payal in her ankle and a small shimmered bindi in her forehead. Even the goddess are adorned with sarees.

In India saree is considered to be as the traditional outfit. It is Women all yime favourite dress. The drapping style may vary from person to person but saree is common. Even girls also likes to wear sarees. In school or college farewells girls wear sarees. Even in family functions and occasions they wear sarees. Saree has neither ever gone out of fashion nor it will ever go out of fashion. Saree is even wore by the bollywood celebrities in the award shows.  They wear sarees to have a different,  traditional and ethnic look which will give them gorgeous and elegant look. India is a tourist place. Every day thousands of tourists comes to India. Then try to indulge themselves in the Indian culture by following the norms, culture and tradition of India. They wear sarees and gets their photographs clicked to keep it as their memorable moments.

Bollywood Actresses in Indian Saree

How to Look Sexy in Saree

Ancient time the significance of saree for Women was to cover her whole body but now a days the significance and meaning of saree has changed. Now it is actually combined with showing skin. Women wearing saree in todays fashion is the point of attraction. Previously sarees were worn to cover the waist but now a days showing the waist line is extremely important to look sexy. Saree is the most stunning dress ever created. I think that the Indian women cannot look as much beautiful in any other dress as she looks in saree.

Indian Saree Drapping Styles

Indian sarees are worn out in many ways. Some wear their pallu on the right side while others wear it on the left side. Some just drap the saree around their waist and the left out end is taken out from in between the legs and is tucked at the back in the long skirt called peticoat. According to the families norms some Women put the on their head and some just grab it around their shoulders.

Pallu is the free end of the saree. Every saree has a pallu which is normally worn over the head or the shoulder. Indian Women never let the pallu fall down from their heads. And in case it falls down it is always drapped around their shoulders. Working Women just fasten and gets involved in her work by putting the pallu to the waist. The infant babies starts learning walking by grabbing his or her mother’s pallu.

Even Goddess Wear Saree 

India is a religious place. There are hundreds and thousands of temple in India. And in every temple every goddess let it be durgamaa, saraswatimaa, parvatimaa, radha each one of them is seen dressed beautifully and neatly in saree and is adorned by jewellery and “solahshringar” except few goddesses.

We all know that western culture had penetrated in the Indian culture in a very high speed. As the time is passing Women are more attracted to the western culture. They are wearing western dresses like skirts, jeans, capris,  tops,etc. But when it comes to festivals and weddings saree is the only option they go for.

Different Indian Sarees for Every Occasion

Sarees can be worn in any of the occasion like any formal party, dinner party, kitty party, an outing , for travelling, wedding, any grand party, for office purpose, birthday parties and other  functions on what you just need to pay attention is right saree for the right occasion. A right saree can not only hide all the flaws in your body but it can also increase beauty and can give you a total different look just like that of a royal queen. In wedding you should prefer to wear royal silk saree though it is costly but it gives you a damn gorgeous look. The sarees can be cheaper and even costly. It depends on the fabrics and the work done of the saree. The work done on the saree like embroidery, sequins,  lace work,  stone work, zari work, etc. And  if we talk about the fabric of the saree. The sarees comes in different fabrics like cotton saree, georgette saree, net saree, shimmer saree, tissue saree, crepe saree, organza saree,  silk saree, etc. and out of all these saree, silk saree is the most popular and the expensive one.

Saree Designs for Experimental and Bold Women

Indian Women are very bold, we are not afraid of experiments, we are stylish, we are charming. No other women in the world are like the Indian Women. Indian TV Serial Actress Designer Sarees, Bollywood Actress Hot Designer Sarees Collection, South Indian Hot Actress Designer Sarees, Latest Top 10 Designer Bridal Sarees Buy Online, Latest Top 10 Pretty Designer Half Saree For Wedding, Red Colour Bridal Saree Designs for Indian Bride, Designer Sarees for Newly Married Women – Vivah Collection.

Designer Saree Blouse Designs Latest Fashion Trends

Designer Saree Blouse Designs Latest Fashion Trends

Designer Saree Blouse Designs

Designer Saree Blouse Designs

Designer Blouse Designs

Designer Blouse Designs

Designer Blouse Designs

Selecting a good blouse design which best suits your body is quite challenging. So we are going to make it quite simple because here we are providing you best Designer Blouse Designs and Blouse Patterns for you from which you can select and look different on the occasion.

Top 50 Blouse Styles

In this post we are going to describe different designer Front Design of Blouse, Trendy Back Neck Designs of Blouse, Deep Front or Deep Back Blouse Designs,  Deep Cut Backless Designer Blouse Designs, Bridal Blouse Designs, Criss Cross Dori Blouse Designs, Deep Choli Blouse Designs, Halter Neck Blouse Designs, Collar Neck Blouse Designs, Jacket Style Blouse Designs, Knotted Blouse Designs, Near Neck Blouse Designs, Boat Neck Blouse Designs, Keyhole Neck Blouse Designs, Round Neck Blouse Designs, Crew Neck Blouse Designs, Sweetheart Neck Blouse Designs, Draped Blouse Designs, Cropped Blouse Designs, Lace Blouse Designs, Low Cut Blouse Designs, Long Sleeved Blouse Designs, Quarter Sleeved Blouse Design, Sleeveless Blouse Designs, Corset Blouse Designs, Attached Dupatta Blouse Designs, Butterfly Sleeve Blouse Designs, Off Shoulder Blouse Designs, Angrakha Style Blouse Designs, Cutwork Blouse Designs, Embroidered Blouse Designs, Square Cut Neck Blouse Designs, Princess Cut Blouse Designs, U-Shape Neck Blouse Designs, High Neck Blouse Designs, Peter Pan Collar Blouse Designs, Jacket Style Blouse Designs, Knotted Blouse Designs,  Illusion/Sheer/Transparent Neck Blouse Designs, Straight Cut Blouse Designs, Off-Sholder Blouse Designs, V-Neck Blouse Designs, Halter Strap Blouse Designs, Asymmetric Cut Blouse Designs, Cowl Blouse Designs, One Shoulder Blouse Designs, Designer Strapless Blouse.

Saree Draping Styles

Saree Draping Styles

Saree Draping Styles

You can enhance your look with different Saree Draping Styles, we are proud to brought all the latest and trendy Saree Draping Styles for Designer Saree Blouse Designs i.e. Mermaid Saree Draping Style, Bengali Saree Draping Style, South Indian Saree Draping Style, Traditional Saree Draping Style, Wedding Saree Draping Style, Gujrati Saree Draping Styles, Marathi Saree Draping Style, Wearing Deepika Style Saree, Mumtaz Style Saree, Professional Saree Drape Styles, Open Pallu Saree Style,  Pant Style Saree Draping, Sonam Kapoor Half Dhoti Saree Style, Simple Saree Draping Style, Lehenga saree draping style, Maharashtrian saree draping style, Butterfly saree draping style, Rajrani saree draping style, Nivi Saree Drraping Style, Indo Western Saree Draping Style, Double Saree Draping Style, UNUSUAL SAREE DRAPING STYLES, Retro Bollywood style saree, Coorg style saree, Saree Draping with Belt, Neck drape Saree, Jacket Over Saree, Front Pallu or the Seedha Pallu Saree Draping Style, Half Saree, Two-Piece Saree or Half Lehenga Saree Draping Style, Tribal Saree Draping Styles, Madurai traditional sari style, Cocktail twist sari draping style, Empire waist sari draping style, Hip hop style sari draping, Fisher woman style sari draping, Bustle style of sari draping, Assamese saree draping style, Tamil pinkosu style saree draping, Contemporary Oriya draping style, modern saree draping styles.

How to Choose Perfect Saree for Your Body Type

Usually you will notice that the saree that was looking so awesome on the mannequin is not looking perfect on your body. This is because while selecting the you should know your body type only then your would know How to Choose Saree for Your Body Type.

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Women Body Types

There are four basic common body types. i.e. all the women can be categorized in four body types Apple Shaped Body Type, Pear Shaped Body Type, Hourglass Shaped Body Type, Rectangle Shaped Body Type. Know Your Body Type

Women Body Types

Women Body Types

Saree Draping Styles to Look Slim

Saree Draping Style could present you more slim specially if your look for Designer Saree Blouse Designs. Here we are presenting to flaunt your curved whatever your body shape is :

Flaunt Your Curves with a Perfect Drape

Whatever is your body type you can still Flaunt Your Curves. In this post you will find best tricks to accentuate the right parts and how much. Again all this will depend on your body type.

Saree Draping Tips for Pear-Shaped Body Women

Saree Draping Pear Shaped Body Women

Saree Draping Pear Shaped Body Women

Pear-Shaped Women are most luckey because they have bigger lower body i.e. wide hips and small bust. Pear-Shaped women can enhance look more easily because they had to just shift the focus to their upper body. Pear-Shaped body women need to wear busy print sarees because busy print sari will tend to camouflage your big hips. Pear-Shaped Body Women also opt for dark colours like dark blue dark green. Pear-shaped body women always keep away from mermaid cut because if you go for mermaid cut then your hips will look even bigger than they actually are.

Saree Draping Tips for Apple-Shaped Body Women


Saree Draping Apple Shaped Body Women

Saree Draping Apple Shaped Body Women

Apple Shaped body women are opposite to Pear shaped women they had slim hips and bigger bust with a big torso. If you have Apple shaped body they V-neck blouses will suit you more because V-neck blouse designs will make your upper body body look slimmer. Apple Shaped body type women should prefer Bengali Sari Draping Styles.

Best Designer’s Saree Blouse Designs

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